The Climbing Unit staff reserves the right to limit the number of children climbing in the centre at busy times. If in doubt, try and avoid bringing small children at busy times (e.g. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings) or give us a ring before you leave home to check if we are too busy or not.


Climbing is a fantastic way to have some fun and a great form of exercise. The Climbing Unit is the perfect place for children to have a go and learn all about climbing. There are different options available depending on a child’s age and climbing experience.

Children (U18’s) can only climb unsupervised if they are 14-17 years of age, are competent climbers who have been assessed competent by one of our instructors and they are well behaved at all times. Those aged below 14 years can not climb unsupervised within The Climbing Unit at any time. See below for further details and options for those who don’t fulfill the above criteria.

Unsupervised Climbing
(14 to 17 year-olds)

Those aged 14-17 years can climb unsupervised at The Climbing Unit as long as they fulfill the following criteria:

  • They are competent climbers in the discipline of bouldering
  • They have both a completed membership form and parental consent form, which can be downloaded here.
  • They have been assessed competent for bouldering by one of our instructors. If the instructor feels the climber is not competent enough to use the wall unsupervised then they will not sign them off. (It is best to call us in advance to make sure we have an instructor on hand.)
  • They climb safely at all times and respect the other wall users.

A competent boulderer will; understand the risks involved, know how to use the bouldering wall safely, understand what a spotter is and how to spot another climber.


If they cannot fulfill this criteria they will need to take an induction course with an instructor.

Supervised Climbing
(under 14 years old)

Those under 14 years of age or those who have not fulfilled the above criteria can not climb unsupervised at any time. They must be supervised by either an adult member or a qualified instructor.

  • Children may climb at The Climbing Unit under the supervision of our qualified instructors in one of the regular Kids’ Clubs. Alternatively you can book an instructor for a private session or look out for extra Kids’ Taster Sessions in the school holidays.
  • Children may also climb at The Climbing Unit under the supervision of a registered adult member who is a competent climber. If you wish to become a member you must either be an experienced climber, or have completed an adult induction session.
  • Parents/guardians who are members may only sign in 2 children per person. If you require to bring along more than 2 children you must book an instructor in advance via the contact us section of the site.

The Climbing Unit reserve the right to eject from our premises any customers whose behaviour jeopardises their safety or the safety of others. In the event this should ever be necessary, customers would not be entitled to any refund. Please, climb safely, and be aware of other climbers.