Kids’ Parties

The Climbing Unit has a purpose-built roped climbing area, a separate heated party room and options for parties to suit all ages. All parties combine activities on the traversing walls, climbing challenges and games all chosen to suit the age group. All parties climb on the roped walls with the option for older children and the longer parties to have a go at bouldering too. We use lots of different areas of the wall, so everyone gets to climb on different angles and try different types of moves. Our party packages all include entry, exclusive use of the party room for 30 minutes after your session and instruction.

Prices are worked out on an instructor:climber ratio and per climber charge.

For 5 to 7-year-olds we suggest a maximum of 6 children per instructor.

This can enable more climbing due to the lower ratio and we recommend this due to the size and higher dependency of smaller children within the climbing environment.

For 8 to 16-year-olds you can bring a maximum of 8 children per instructor.

So if you wanted to bring a group of 16 you would need two instructors etc.

Instructors are charged at £20 per hour.

Climbers within the group that are participating are charged at £8 per person.

With this in mind you can calculate your prices, there are a few examples below:


Bring your own:




Heated party room.


Roped Climbing


Traversing walls


A 1 hour party for eight 5 to 6-year-olds

Two instructors at £20 each per hour = £40 (Following our guidance of 1:6 ratio for 5 to 6-year-olds)

Eight children at £8 each = £64

Total = £104


A 1.5 hour party for sixteen 12-year-olds

 Two instructors at £20 each per hour = £60

Sixteen children at £8 each = £128

 Total = £188


All party bookings require a deposit to cover the cost of the instructors, the rest can be paid on the day of the party. Also please make sure you have read our cancellation policy.