At The Climbing Unit we love to look after our building, our people and our environment. Throughout the set up and build of the centre every single purchase has been scrutinised with the aim of locating and implementing the best, environmentally friendly solution.


At the centre we have installed full LED lighting throughout the climbing areas. A climbing wall’s main environmental impact is electricity and we hope to have reduced ours by 80%. Our LED lighting has the extra benefit of increasing the level of lumens, providing a modern and well lit arena.


We have plenty of waste bins located around the centre and have chosen a local company that meticulously sorts through our rubbish so that anything that can be recycled is removed and any residual waste is used for energy recovery; this allows us to keep our landfill waste to a minimum.

We reward you!

Any trip to The Climbing Unit on a green source of transport or via public transport is rewarded with a free tea or americano.