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Back to these orange climbs then…..

The team as always have been working hard to produce some of the best climbs in any indoor climbing facility! We have around 35 new bouncy, strenuous, technical and just damn right awkward climbs to send. We hope you enjoy trying 🙂 As always with love. The Climbing Unit team x

The orange holds have left the wall

As it is Tuesday already the orange holds have dropped and found their way into our extremely technical washing system (AKA Adam and the jetwash.) We will let the team of route setters head off to bed and we are pretty sure they will dream of beautiful things to come tomorrow.

We have a Youtube channel

So you can now subscribe to a channel which will be just for all of our little antics, we’ll have beta videos of the resetting of the boulder problems and might even host a few competitions on here. We've had a little reset of the orange and pink climbs, oranges come in at V3-5 while the pinks have now

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