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I’m reaching out today regarding pricing. These types of notes are never fun to write, so I’ll start off with the good news.

If you currently have an subscription via direct debit, your subscription price will not be changing – we are going to honour your current price.

Next, for the sort-of good news. If you sign up for a new subscription before the end of 31/8/2022, you’ll still get the current pricing. That means you have 2 weeks before the deadline to sign up and keep the  current rate. We hope you’ll take advantage of this. If you’re already on any sort of subscription, the new one can just be added on to it, please speak to a member of staff.

Single entry prices

Membership price – £5

General entry – £10

Student/concession – £8

Junior (Under 16) – £7



1 Month – £49

3 Month – £135

12 Months – £450

12 for the price of 10 – £100

JUNIOR (Under 18):

1 Month – £35

3 Month – £95

12 Months – £315

12 for the price of 10 – £70


There will be multiple increases in the food and drinks section, we will however be speaking to our suppliers to get the best deals where possible.



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