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Huge thank you to all for popping along to our fun day competition.

In total we raised £5568.84, we certain couldn’t of done that without YOU!

Hopefully you’ve got a funny new profile picture in the images below.

The CAC climbers against cancer ladies were AWESOME and the team from Rab did a sterling job so a big thumbs up from us.

The competition wall is now fully reset with around 120 climbs of all grades, our monthly competition black circuit is now reset and ready for your climbing prowess to impress!

Images below and results at  the bottom of the page.

Thanks TCU team x







Rab CAC Comp Junior Female

Rab CAC Comp Junior Male

Rab CAC Comp Womens Quals Results

Rab CAC Comp Mens Quals Results

Rab CAC Comp Womens Final Results

Rab CAC Comp Mens Final Results

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