We understand not everyone wants to be in a Kids’ Club…

Are you 14 – 18 years old? – Yes      Are you a competent climber? – Yes

But if I’m not a competent climber yet, what should I do?

Every Friday evening, 7:30-9pm & Sunday afternoon 3:00-4:30pm, including competition nights, we are offering a bouldering only session to 14-18 year-olds who have been assessed as competent climbers. There will be an instructor, but very limited structure. It’ll be a great opportunity to climb with your mates or climbers of a similar age and do your own thing, whilst having support from an instructor if required. Cost is just normal entry and monthly subscriptions also apply.

Our awesome instructor will be available to give you some top tips, partner you up with someone of similar age/ability and set you off climbing. They will also be able to give you technique tips, bitesize coaching and specific beta to problems you might be struggling on.

During competitions, if you manage to get in front of the camera, we’ll be able to give you a cool climbing picture for your social media profiles!

These sessions are not currently running…

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