/ October 19, 2023/ News

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new developments. We love our bouldering facilities here at The Climbing Unit, and with a fresh circuit every week we hope you do too. So why don’t we give you more? More bouldering. More to your weekly re-set.

Well stand by! Because here it comes!

Where are we going to put all this extra bouldering? Well as nice as our roped area is, it is a space that doesn’t see as much use as the rest of the centre. So we have boldly decided to turn this part of the building into more of what seems to be your favourite style of climbing.

When is this happening? The rope area and circuit board will close on Friday the 27th of October. We don’t have a completion date just yet, but we will work as quickly as possible to minimise disruption. We have decided that our Kids Club will change to a bouldering focused session for our next block of bookings starting on the 6th of November.

Circuit Board. Don’t worry, we are keeping the circuit board, but we will need to close this area while work is being done. We are sorry that you will lose acces to this facility in the short term, and we will work hard to get it open as soon as possible.

We understand that some of our customers like to use our roped climbing and we hope that you’ll be blown away by what we create for you in the future. But the future of The Climbing Unit won’t feature harnesses and belay devices. Just more excellent bouldering.

Our kids clubs will still be an important part of what we do and we will be focusing our sessions on climbing movement and more time climbing. We have been running NICAS for some time now, but we will now see a shift to NIBAS (national indoor bouldering award scheme).


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