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Yes it’s been 1 year!

We shall be having a birthday competition and in true style we will be having a serious amount of prizes to give away.


The best will be in the raffle which anyone can win so be sure to enter and get a ticket.. £2000 worth of prizes!

We will have some visits from the staff at Alpkit, Rab and Climb Skin.

Prizes from them and Holdz Climbing Holds, Core Climbing and Moon Climbing.

Tunes will be provided by Mr ‘Gus’ Chris Hudgins, headliner of the North Face party in Kalymnos and DJ for The famous Climbing Works Parties, he’s a hero!

Entry is just £1.00 for a scorecard, which you will be handed upon arrival.

There will be a prize for best fancy dress!

The normal routine;
Flash 10 points; second attempt 7 points; third attempt 4 points and any other attempt 1 point. You can have as many attempts on problems as you want as the scoring does not go to zero.

It’s best of 4 rounds but the best prizes will be in the raffle so be sure to get your ticket!

Time: 5:30-9pm

We have a license for the selling of alcohol so it might be worth cycling, walking or getting a lift, 1st pint will be free.

30 x boulder problems from V0 – V Hard

The FOUR age categories for the competition are:

Junior Male 0-15 years
Junior Female 0-15 years
Senior Male 16-39 years
Senior Female 16-39 years
Veteran Male 40-54 years
Veteran Female 40-54 years
Legends Male 55+ years
Legends Female 55+ years

As always there will be a visit from the brewery across the way to showcase a little taster, tasting will also continue on until 12pm 😉

It would be great if we could get any idea of numbers so please RSVP via this page.


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