Dan/ October 12, 2014/ Bouldering League, Results

So that was round 1……..

….our first ever round of The Winter Bouldering League, with 115 competitors the evening was definitely a busy and exciting one. We can never thank you enough for your ongoing support but we will try! Today, here are some results and some images for your perusal; as always the images are high res and you can just download and use them as long as it’s yourself, a friend or family in the image.

We don’t have to input masses of data but as you may imagine some of the score cards come back in with some very random information. We do give everyone a free beer and we do understand it’s been a long hard evening and you may be feeling tired, however here’s a little something you can print out for next time if you do struggle with the filling in of the form:


Our photo mission statement and promise;

We will:

  • Give tans wherever possible.
  • Give the impression of vibrant hair colour.
  • Improve muscle size, length and overall appearance (we can’t do anything about the texture sorry).
  • Make you look beautiful, else the photos will be deleted and never used or seen again!




October Junior Results        October Senior Results        October Vets Results        October Legends Results

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