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So the final round took place last Friday; we as always had a really amazing turnout and we thank you for your continuous support, these competitions would be really pants without it!

As you all probably know we have only been open for 5 months and in this time a lot has been achieved; we hope that you have all enjoyed The Unit and will continue to do so in our up and coming future. The last four months have seen the centre’s competitions get a little heated at times especially the third round when it reached 29 degrees during the comp. There’s been an intense battle with the vets and senior category but in the end it was Neil Amos in the vets category that had enough points to beat the younger guns in the seniors. (He’s terribly good, we can all only hope to be that good when we get that old.)

A very well done to all the competitors who managed to get to the rounds and again thank you for your ongoing support. We have a few images for you to take and a couple of videos of the problems just in case you were wondering exactly how they are done and exactly what crazy things go through a route setters mind….

In the order;

  • Pretty pictures
  • Comp video 1-20
  • Comp video 21-30
  • Results

These will hopefully be a good warm up for the winter league starting in October, this will be running for 6 rounds and best of 4.


Pretty pictures

These images are yours, just right click and press save as for your own high res copy 😉



Comp problems 1-20


Comp problems 21-30


Results for Augusts round

Juniors   Seniors   Vets   Legends

Results Overall (Now remember you needed to attend 3 rounds to qualify)

Final Junior Results    Final Senior Results   Final Vets Results    Final Legends Results


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